Sustainable coffee & tea

It is nobi's mission to invite you on the path of consciousness growth and self-development. Of course, this starts with ourselves and the actions we take every day. We therefore selected our suppliers with the greatest care and assessed them on their reliability, sustainability, fair trade practices, chain transparency and correct price. This is how we express our responsibility for living from awareness every day in the dishes, juices and drinks we serve. And that day starts with... 100% organic coffee or sustainable tea of course!

Nobi's coffee, 100% organic certified Arabica coffee

Come indulge your taste buds with our nobi barista! Here you taste coffee with world appeal, because our bean blend was custom-made for nobi's taste of life. Our coffee blend is a unique combination of three types of 100% organic Arabica coffee beans. Close your eyes and you can almost taste the mountain air where our coffee was sustainably grown, harvested, roasted and ecologically packaged by our partners at altitudes of up to 2,000 meters. It is the result of the skilled work of as many as 125,000 Peruvian families, of a sustainable Congolese Cooperative and of small-scale processors of organic coffee in Nicaragua.

Our coffee beans were medium roasted and represent various delicate flavor sensations, just like life itself. Now and then a fruity undertone of berries, then again a delicate touch of caramel with an aftertaste of dark chocolate, sometimes acidic but above all surprising!

Our commitment

A better world starts with yourself and the choices you make, every day. Nobi resolutely opts for sustainable tea and coffee and to this end we focus on these four ethical pillars:

1. Organic and sustainable farming

By choosing organic farms and sustainable farming practices, synthetic chemicals are kept out during the cultivation and production process. This keeps the soil healthy and we are committed to increasing biodiversity.

2. Ethical Sourcing

Our partnerships were carefully selected based on adherence to fair trade practices. This means that local communities and farmers who produce our organic coffee and tea are fairly compensated. This promotes social equity and community well-being.

3. Environmentally friendly packaging

Our tea and coffee is delivered to us packaged ecologically and without the use of aluminum. In our restaurants we pay -where possible- attention to environmentally friendly materials, and biodegradable or compostable packaging.

4. Specialty and single-origin selections

Nobi's coffee beans were selected from a range of specialty and single-origin coffees. As a result, coffee from nobi offers a unique flavor profile that typifies the specific coffee growing region from which our beans originate.

Are we proud?

Yes, we are. Offering sustainable tea and coffee options that were ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and socially responsible is not always the easiest choice within the tough global marketplace. At nobi, however, you will 100% enjoy a fresh, rich and healthy food and drink experience that, on top of your own feel good, leaves a positive impact on the world around you. The ideal start to a bright day!

Coming to taste?

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